spaceshift Manager
(1 Year contract)

Salary 26,000 per annum + N.I. £5,092.20
Hours 40 hours per week



Marketing, communications, health and safety, written and verbal skills, computer skills, good teamwork skills, leadership qualities.

Person's Specifications


(1) Having been in care
(2) Communicating with young people at all levels
(3) Business, marketing, communication,hygiene, health and safety.


(1) Good knowledge of the issues faced by young people in care
(2) Good knowledge of managing a business effectively.


(1) Must be able to manage the business efficiently
(2) Must be able to manage a team of trainees
(3) Must have computer skills including excel and ms word
(4) Must be able to make a profit by efficient management and public courtesy
(5) Must have entrepreneurial skills.


(1) Must be able to give commitment of carrying out the work of the organization alongside its members.
(2) Must be willing to learn new skills
(3) Must act professionally at all times when representing the organization.

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