Director of Scarlet Maguire Centre
(1 Year contract)

Salary 30,000 per annum + N.I. £6,040.44
Hours 40 hours per week
Holiday 25 days per annum
Notice 20 days for leave up to one month. 10 days for leave up to one week
Age Applicants shall be aged 16-25 years (except in the 1st year)
Travel Considerable travelling to various parts of the country needed
Your job will be to help promote and develop New Naypic / Youth Parliament's idea's, policies and practice in as many ways as possible. You will be responsible for all the workers and work carried out. You will oversee NN /YP's formation to independence.

New New Naypic / Youth Parliament's structure

Your job will be to ensure that New Naypic / Youth Parliament's structure is wholly re-established in the first year. This will involve ensuring that all nine workers carry out their respective job descriptions. Supporting, directing and managing them to re-establish the organisation including its commercial enterprises.

General Office Duties

You will approve all funding applications, press communications, development and commercial work of the New Naypic / Youth Parliament. You will work very much with in the organisation but on rare occasions you may need to represent the organisation publicly.


You will write a piece once a month for the National Newsletter. This will usually be on the organisations development.


You will ensure that all the workers do not personally handle casework but pass it to the relevant child care lawyers to deal with. You will ensure that all workers have counsellors available to them at all times especially after passing on sensitive or dangerous profile material including abuse case work. You will also ensure the workers receive child protection and any other relevant training.

Meetings and Media

You will ensure that certain workers do not get over exposed in the media and we do not create minor celebrities using people's own personal past. We are here to represent the views of our membership as a collective and we do not want to sensationalise our individual pasts to represent our genuine cause.
At meetings and working parties you will ensure that the workers do not become token representatives on a 'I have been in care basis'. If our workers are asked to express a view on childcare issues it must come from our policies brought about by our membership. If we do not have a policy on a particular issue we must put it to the executive committee to give a temporary organisational view until the membership meets at a national conference.


You will ensure that the workers do their utmost to reach as many potential members as possible including those who have left care and associate membership, ie, other national organisational representative membership.

Volunteers / Unpaid workers

You will meet with each worker's personal volunteers once a month on an individual basis and receive feedback and suggestions from them. You will do this through a confidential questionnaire.

Local Groups

You will be prepared to give as many groups and individuals on tours of the centre, its workers and good work. This can result in the setting up of other groups in conjunction with our National local groups worker through out the country. The tour should usually be conducted by yourself as director or delegated by you to another worker once the tour has officially been approved by you.

Personal Awareness

Employees must be aware of Equal Opportunities practice in the organisation. No forms of sexism, racism, homophobia discrimination against the physically challenged, and ageism will be tolerated. The organisation must ensure that the equal opportunities policy is practiced and promoted wherever possible within the national organisation.

Disciplinary Procedure

In the event of disciplinary action or grievance, the mechanisms of our disciplinary and grievance procedures will be implemented.

Person's Specifications


(1) Having been in care
(2) Communicating with young people at all levels
(3) Leadership experience personal or professional


(1) Good Knowledge of the issues faced by young people in care.
(2) Some awareness of the relationship between the media and issues relating to young people in care.
(3) Knowledge of the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004.
(4) Knowledge of the Criminal Justice Act 1992.


(1) To be able to represent the organisation at internal and external meetings
(2) To be able to maintain our web-site
(3) To be able to keep management informed of all your activities
(4) To be able to have good written and verbal skills
(5) To be conversant with ms word and internet explorer
(6) To be able to help organize the creative activities of the NN /YP in conjunction with workers
(7) To be able to play a major role in conference organising
(8) To be able to talk to Government officials and the press
(9) To be able to do speeches


(1) Must be able to give commitment of carrying out the work of the organization alongside our members
(2) Must be willing to learn new skills
(3) Must act professionally at all times when dealing with the organizations business.

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