National Finance /
Fundraising Worker

Salary 30,000 per annum + N.I. £6,040
Hours 40 hours per week
Holiday 25 days per annum
Notice 20 days for leave up to one month, 10 days for leave up to one week
Age Preferential treatment given to applicants aged 25 years and under who have been in Care, in this only it is desirable but not essential
Travelling Some traveling involved to regional and local group offices around the country


You will be managed and answerable to the National Executive Committee which will be voted in at the NAGM, regional or local Management committee. Although you will be managed and answerable to the management you will be expected to work with them to decide on the best financial actions, you will encourage and enable them to understand as many aspects of your work as possible. You will be required to distribute monthly written financial reports, gathered from all offices with the organization. You will help all offices to produce these by setting up easy to understand financial systems. You will e-mail the NEC regularly on all financial activities, which must be approved by them on an on-going basis.


You will be required to take on at least four apprentices each year. Who are of New Naypic / Youth Parliament category A membership. This scheme will be set up with help of the NEC management.


You will arrange for invoices to be approved for payment you will also draw cheques against invoices/authority forms. In addition you will analyze account code and enter details in a cashbook, arrange for cheques to be signed. Dispatched cheques and file invoices and authority forms.


You will be expected to check against New Naypic / Youth Parliament's invoices/correspondence and analyze and enter cheques and cash received in cashbook. You will also bank all receipts regularly.

Petty Cash

You will draw petty cash from the bank; make reimbursements against authorized petty cash vouchers. Also code, analyze and reconcile petty cash.

Computer input and reconciliation and record keeping

You will prepare bank reconciliation at the end of each month, deal with bank queries, monitor cash flow and arrange investments of spare balances. In addition you will prepare journal vouchers and input all transactions on computer systems. Also prepare quarterly VAT returns.


You will process the monthly payroll and weekly wages, prepare statements of monthly tax and National Insurance, pensions, union fees, etc., collect all relevant information and process forms for starters and leavers. Also, you will deal with payroll queries.

Management Reporting

Prepare monthly accounts to trail balance stage. Assist in preparation of annual budget and complete Grant Claim Forms. Prepare monthly/quarterly reports of actual against budgets and highlight variances. Also assist in the preparation of regular financial reports to the Management Committee and the National Executive Committee. Create fallback systems for when you are not available.

Publications and Video Sales etc.

You will assist in the promotion of al New Naypic / Youth Parliament sales.


To fundraise for the NEC to distribute to the regional offices and local groups.
To advise, assist co-ordinate and sometimes initiate all fundraising activities on behalf of the NEC of New Naypic / Youth Parliament. To oversee and authorize all fundraising events.
To investigate all avenues of raising funds for the organization.
Your job description will be updated according to the developing needs of New Naypic / Youth Parliament.

Persons Specification


  1. Good communication with people at all levels
  2. Working on a team, liaising with people on various projects
  3. Dealing with funding bodies and people, raising money
  4. Professional financial dealings
  5. Sales, marketing, strategic planning
  6. Financial management experience


  1. Knowledge of the issues faced by young people in general and/or in care
  2. Some awareness of the relationship between the media and the issues relating to children and young people
  3. Some awareness of children's rights
  4. Some knowledge of the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004 and the criminal justice act 1992
  5. Good knowledge of financial systems/fundraising


  1. Must be able to collate numerous reports into condensed versions, summarising accurately the work of the organisation
  2. Must be committed to and able to implement all of New Naypic / Youth Parliament's policies, particularly the equal opportunities policy.
  3. Must be able to have meetings with accountants, solicitors and present New Naypic / Youth Parliament with an audit.
  4. Must be able to be confidential on New Naypic / Youth Parliament's finances, including bank details, therefore must be trustworthy.
  5. Must be conversant with MS Office, including Excel and Internet Explorer, especially when dealing with on line applications.
  6. Must keep up to date fundraising information
  7. Must be able to deal with funding bodies, celebrities and philanthropists.


  1. Must be able to give commitment of carrying out the work of the organisation along with its members.
  2. Must be willing to work with volunteers, visiting all other local groups
  3. Must be professional at all times when dealing with any New Naypic / Youth Parliament's business.