National Development Officer

Salary 30,000 per annum + N.I. £6,040.44
Hours 40 hours per week
Holiday 25 days per annum
Notice 20 days for leave up to one month. 10 days for leave up to one week
Age Applicants shall be aged 16-25
Travel Considerable travelling to various parts of the country needed
Your job will be to help promote and develop New Naypic / Youth Parliament's ideas, policies and practice in as many ways as possible.


You will be answerable to the National Executive Committee which will be voted in at the NAGM, Regional or local Management Committee. Although you will be managed and answerable to the N.E.C., regional or local MC you will be expected to work with them to decide on actions and policies, also to encourage and enable them to take part in as many aspects of your work as possible. You will be required to distribute monthly written National Development work reports to each regional Management Committee. Records must also be kept on all expenditure throughout the months.

You will also be required to produce your written National Development work reports to the N.E.C. You will be expected to attend all NEC meetings where your work program will be under continuous review.

You will be based in one of the regional offices on a permanent basis or in the youth Parliament building when we have one, however being the National Development Worker you will be required to work in other regional offices from time to time based on the requirements of the National Organization.

General Office Duties

You will be expected to work with the National administrator, or other regional administrators were appropriate. This means keeping him / her in touch with what you are doing and sharing some of the office duties with him / her. The National Administrator should share the same office with you. This will mean working together on all paper work incoming and outgoing mall, filing, orders and invoices, accounts and dealing with any telephone enquiries concerning New Naypic / Youth Parliament or other organizations where necessary. The National administrator should also be conversant with all your outside working activities.


All workers are expected to produce articles on development for the National Newsletter.

Case work

You will be expected to undertake casework referrals. Case work referrals will be either delegated to you by the regional development officers, when dealing with issues of National Concern or because of your own profile within the organization. Casework referrals may come to you directly. You will be expected to deal with casework referrals with the maximum efficiency, seeking advice from New Naypic / Youth Parliament. This may also require dealing with Solicitors and other relevant agencies. All casework is to be kept STRICTLY Confidential. In cases, however, that the organization can use to further the general rights of young people in and ex-care, permission can be gained from the young person/people to give the details (omitting names) to the Management for further National action and potentially changes in law.

Meetings and Media

You will be expected to attend all important meetings as directed by the NEC within the organization, as well as this you will have to support certain members when they are organizing meetings within their areas depending on your priorities. You will be able to do this by attending speaking and encouraging the young people to speak and express their views. You will be expected to be conversant with all New Naypic / Youth Parliament's policies, publications and current developments and speak about them publically at conferences. You will be expected to speak to the press in conjunction with New Naypic / Youth Parliament's media consultant , media advisor on the NEC and other workers. You will also do press releases, TV and Radio Interviews when requested. Your first and main priority will be to involve the N.E.C., Management Committee, and workers/volunteers in all your work. Many organizations will request speakers from New Naypic / Youth Parliament, when requests are made you must first refer such requests to the members, N.E.C., M.C's other regional workers and volunteers especially if they have a specialist knowledge of the subject. Unless no one else is available or appropriate at the time or you have particular knowledge of what is being requested, only then will you be required to speak yourself. All fees will be paid to New Naypic / Youth Parliament, unless they are a volunteer / unpaid worker in which case they can claim half.


All new members will be sent a comprehensive membership pack, they will be encouraged and kept informed of all New Naypic / Youth Parliament's activities and meetings. This can be done through regular mail shots, the National Newsletter or the internet. You will also work with the administrator on keeping the membership up to date and you will recruit new members.

Volunteers / unpaid Workers

The New Naypic / Youth Parliament's offices will be open to all NAYPIC members. You will advise, encourage and support all volunteers/unpaid workers and make space for those working on the projects for their own local groups. You will also encourage members to work on project's for New Naypic / Youth Parliament. Once volunteers/unpaid workers have set up their own local group, they will move on to work with other volunteers/unpaid workers in all aspects of work. Volunteers should only work for a maximum period of Six months to one year. This will be extended under exceptional circumstances. You will provide effective and adequate training for volunteers, with advice from the NEC.

Unpaid Workers - Someone with official position of Management within the organization giving almost full time commitment.

Local Groups

One of the most important parts of your work is to actively promote the setting up of New Naypic / Youth Parliament local (consumer) groups/constituencies. You must encourage members, professionals, ChildCare establishments, Directors of Social Services Department, politicians and promote our Ideology of Local Groups/Constituencies to the press and public.
New Naypic / Youth Parliament has a National Annual General Meeting, which will be arranged for the members throughout the Country, by all regional, and National Workers. N.E.C., M.C.s , Local Groups, Unpaid Workers and Volunteers. As National Development Worker you will have the large responsibility of coordinating this Annual Meeting. You will ensure that all tasks are delegated and completed by their deadline and you will take into account any hitches that may occur and ensure there are back up positions to create maximum efficiency. You will do this by meeting up with the hard-core organizers and ensuring there is no breakdown in communication nationally. So when the national organization meets at the N.A.G.M. all plans, arrangements etc, will be put together correctly. The NAGM is one of the most important events of your year, we would like you to lead the event.

Keep on Moving towards Change

To ensure New Naypic / Youth Parliament's future development we must look after our own organization membership, NEC, M.C.'s, Local Groups, Unpaid Workers, Volunteers and advisors. As you will have a National overview it is essential that you keep the NEC well informed of any potential problems within the organization so as to change situations before they develop. The organization is open to change in all aspects including the structure. Feedback is essential and so are active idea's to keep unity and strive for change. If it creates development is your job to ensure it.

The Advisors

The advisors group is compromised of friends of NAYPIC. They are only concerned with New Naypic / Youth Parliament in a supportive and advisory capacity. They should be available for you and other members/workers to contact them whenever necessary. It will be your job to keep the membership updated as to who they are and what role they play within NEW New Naypic / Youth Parliament


You will be required to send monthly mail-outs or information via e-mail, to your NEC of any important letters and information that come into your office, so that the NEC knows what is going on. You will also produce a national work report, annually, for N.A.G.M. and national accounts alongside the national Treasurer and Finance worker.


You will work in conjunction with the financial/fundraiser on essential fundraising that keeps the organization ticking over. Any fundraising initiatives can also be discussed with the fundraiser.

Personal Awareness

Employees must be aware of Equal opportunities practice in New Naypic / Youth Parliament. That is to say that any forms of sexism, racism, homophobia or prejudice against the physically challenged will not be tolerated. New Naypic / Youth Parliament must ensure that the equal opportunities policy is practiced and promoted wherever possible within the National organization.

Disciplinary Procedures

In the event of disciplinary action or grievance, the mechanisms of our Disciplinary and Grievance procedures will be implemented

Person Specifications


(1) Having Been in care
(2) Communicating with young people at all levels
(3) Organisational experience personal or professional


(1) Good Knowledge of the issues faced by young people in care.
(2) Some awareness of the relationship between the media and issues relating to young people in care.
(3) Knowledge of the Children Act 1989 and Children Act 2004.
(4) Knowledge of the Criminal Justice Act 1992.


(1) To be able to represent the organisation at internal and external meetings.
(2) To be able to maintain our web-site on local constituencies ideas and developments.
(3) To be able to keep management informed of all your activities.
(4) To be able to have good written and verbal skills.
(5) To be conversant with ms word and internet explorer.
(6) To be able to help organize the creative activities of the organisation in conjunction with other workers.
(7) To be able to play a major role in conference organising.
(8) To be able to talk to Government officials and the press.
(9) To be able to do speeches.


(1) Must be able to give commitment of carrying out the work of the organization
alongside our members.
(2) Must be willing to learn new skills.
(3) Must act professionally at all times when dealing with the organizations business.

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