Office Manager

Salary 28,000 per annum + N.I. £5,560.68 +3% per annum
Hours 35 hours per week



Website skills, management skills, report writing skills, public speaking and representation skills, and accounts skills.

Person's Specifications


(1) Having been in care
(2) Communicating with young people at all levels
(3) Management experience personal or professional


(1) Good Knowledge of the issues faced by young people in care.
(2) Some awareness of the relationship between the media and Issues relating to young people in care.
(3) Knowledge of the Children Act 1989 and the Children Act 2004.
(4) Knowledge of the Criminal Justice Act 1992.


(1) To be able to represent the organisation at internal and external meetings
(2) To be able to manage the maintenance of our web site.
(3) To be able to arrange counselling back up for workers
(4) To be able to manage all aspects of your staffs work.
(5) To be able to give regular supervision to your workers and volunteers.
(6) To be able to keep management informed of all activities
(7) To be able to have good written and verbal skills
(8) To be able to update all policy or procedure documents regularly


(1) Must be able to give commitment of carrying out the work of the organization alongside our members
(2) Must be willing to learn new skills
(3) Must act professionally at all times when dealing with the organizations business.

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