The membership scheme is based on a nominal fee per year, for children in care for example, being paid by each local authority per child in their care or through local grants for non-care people to New NAYPIC / Youth Parliament so they can inform young people of their rights.

For example, a community home or school with education with 50 young people in their home/ halls @ £ 100 per head would net £ 5,000. The young people could use this money in various ways. They could have enough to officially hire out a room locally once a week, to hold meetings, as is their right under the U.N. Convention of the right of the child. Article 15, 'freedom of association', provides that:

'children have the right to meet with others, and join or form associations'
They could then elect a chair, secretary and treasurer, keep minutes of the meetings, elect their own representative to sit on the regional office of New NAYPIC / Youth Parliament's management committee.

Alternatively if the home / halls of residence had 100 or more young people they would have enough to ask New NAYPIC / Youth Parliament head office to help them set up their own local spaceshift shop/gallery to independently fund their local group. It is estimated that 150,000 young people are in care or have left care and are still under 25 years old @ £ 100 per young person, this could raise £ 15 million in the first or second year. As for the schools and generally all children and young people in the UK, the possibility of this amount of revenue would really create an independent Youth Parliament.

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